Bitcoin digital wallet Transferring coins between users My role UI/UX App design About the App An application allows you to transfer and accumulate virtual currencies. Get metrics and statistics on profits and losses. 1 A main page that shows all the data: Virtual currencies, Transfers, Latest Transaction 2 Bitcoin transfer process 3 Statistics screens – […]

Dining room for employees

Dining room An application for employees and an interface for managers My role UI/UX App design About the App The design is divided into two products. Application – which allows the employee to get to the dining room at his place of work. Scan a barcode and get one meal a day. See what meals […]

Printers module

Printers module for university students My role UI/UX App design About the module An application that allows any student at the university to access with his mobile phone to scan a barcode on the printer and print all the documents he downloaded. Option to install the module in any university application. The main challenge Students […]


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