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My role

UI/UX App design


App for the company Trigo Real Estate Investment and Marketing Company Ltd. Intended for the company's customers. For those who bought apartments.

The main challenge

The company's customers do not have an application that unifies all the projects they have purchased, hazard alerts, messages, real estate data, construction plans, apartment specifications, financing options, and more

The solution

UI/UX Design an app that will provide all the company's customers with updates, alerts, articles, financial data about their assets.

The app pulls data from Gouda and madlan.

The Features

Tools and services

General financial data

Project details




Planning maintenance

Real estate data

from a government website


Plans in preparation


The solutions

Pain points

The solutions

Main screen with personal details of the customer.

News, recommendations on new investments, benefits, what's new and a bot that automatically answers questions.

Pain points


Customers of the company who do not know details about the projects they purchased.

The solutions

The application allows them to send messages to all customers easily and quickly, to everyone and only to a certain group. Offer new projects by bot, send benefits and be in continuous contact with the customers.

Pain points


The Trigo company had no contact with its customers. They could not send messages, benefits and other important information. and new purchase offers.

The solutions

The solution is an interface with the Geoda company that allows customers to receive push notifications and notifications about problems.

Close = red Near = orange far = green In addition

It will be possible to see the problem on the map, the private property and more

Pain points


The customers who bought apartments do not know about problems near the apartments. If it's a pipe that exploded, in a nearby building that started noisy renovations and more.


The Personas

Ron Amir

38 years old 

A businessman who invests his fortune in apartments in the central area

Rot Vinberg

75 years old 

Full-time grandmother. She invested her fortune in several apartments in Ramat Hasharon City. There she lives in one of the apartments.

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