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Printers module

Printers module

Printers module

for university students

My role

UI/UX App design

About the module

An application that allows any student at the university to access with his mobile phone to scan a barcode on the printer and print all the documents he downloaded.

Option to install the module in any university application.

The main challenge

Students have no where and how to print conveniently around campus.

The solution

Print module which allows university students to print at printing stations by barcode and a loaded wallet

The module options

QR Barcode

scanning at a print station

Digital wallet

Loading the wallet with which the payment for printing was reduced


scanning at a print station

Adding a file

Adding a file to a file list


The Personas

Gil Raz

24 years old 

Third year, in BA Computer Science

Shir Levi

24 years old 

First year, BA psychology student

The solutions

Pain points

The solutions

Explanation screens and illustrations. with the option to go directly to the main screen of the application.

Pain points


A new student who doesn't know how the app works.

The solutions

Saving time for students. They can easily upload the documents to the app to load money and print the documents.

Pain points


Students don't have time. They are busy with exams and works or just sitting with friends on the grass.

The solutions

The digital wallet allows them to load an amount of money without walking around with small change. When the amount accumulates if they don't use it. can see charge history, card updates and credit operations.

Pain points


Students are busy and therefore can forget a little money for prints.

Users Flows



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