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Dining room for employees

Dining room for employees

Dining room

An application for employees and an interface for managers

My role

UI/UX App design

About the App

The design is divided into two products.

Application – which allows the employee to get to the dining room at his place of work. Scan a barcode and get one meal a day. See what meals are available that day, details of the dining room and more.

Management interface – which allows the manager to be responsible for which meals the employees will receive. Define active and inactive dining rooms. and statistical data on every dining room in all hospitals in Israel.

**The branding is general because each hospital has its own branding.

The main challenge

Monitoring of a company that needs to give its employees meals. But each employee will realize only one meal. Problems in managing dining rooms in large companies.

The solution

The ability to open dining rooms in an admin interface. Send a barcode to employees. that in the dining room there will be monitoring that each employee can realize one meal a day. On the user side, the employee scans the barcode he received in the email and goes to the dining room with it. Can see which meals are available in the dining room and details about the dining room such as location, opening hours, etc.

An application for an employee

Barcode scanning

The process of scanning the barcode in the dining room by the employee and receiving approval for the meal. Allows you to know that the same employee will receive only one meal that day, therefore the approval is by time.

Dining room and dishes

Slides showing the details of the dining room: where it is located, opening hours. A slide of what meals are served that day. With filtering for meals, drinks, desserts and more. Possibility to share with a friend who will come to eat with him.

management interface

Main page

with side menu of all restaurants and statistics. Adding a new restaurant The page includes a list of the restaurants. With an active/inactive button. Statistical data and more.

List of dining rooms

Details about the dining rooms. and whether they are active or inactive.

A slide for a dining room

Opening hours, which meals are served, active or inactive, location, barcode to send to employees.

New dining room

Opening hours, which meals are served, active or inactive, location, barcode to send to employees.

The Icons




The dining rooms



The Personas

Ron Amir

38 years old 

A businessman who invests his fortune in apartments in the central area

Rot Vinberg

75 years old 

Full-time grandmother. She invested her fortune in several apartments in Ramat Hasharon City. There she lives in one of the apartments.